The LaBella Ciao project created in 2019 by Lina, a Neapolitan passionate about her culture and Thomas, a lover of gastronomy, was launched with a real desire to reinvent Italian eating well by guaranteeing irreproachable quality but also transparency in the methods of production. Thus LaBella Ciao does not obtain its supplies from distributors but directly from producers whom it strives to meet to create a link between them and end consumers. The project aims to make you discover Italian gastronomic products as you have never seen them! They have all been selected after intense and meticulous research, in fact in addition to having incomparable taste qualities, the creators of LaBella Ciao wanted to offer you different products, all of which have a story to tell. Each product that we will make you discover will have added value, ie it will fit into one or more of our six ethical categories. Below we show you how to identify them: